Importance of Good Student-Teacher Relationship

If you ask anyone about their fondest childhood memories they likely tell their school memories with some teachers being a cherished part of it. Besides being the beacons of knowledge and a selfless guide for those vulnerable years, teachers act as a backbone to shape future generations while impacting the collective future. Undoubtedly, a student-teacher […]

Educational Tours Importance in Schools

Education is about giving and receiving systematic instruction in schools where students gain knowledge and upgrade their skills using these taught concepts. Though there are different techniques to make them learn, organizing an educational tour is one of them. When outside a classroom, students get to learn new concepts and ideas, while experiencing and exploring […]

Benefits of Using a Smart Board in the School

Gone is the time when education only involved blackboard. Today is the age of science and technology, an age where educational technology is surpassing the need for the conventional whiteboard. Schools today are installing smart boards that of numerous benefits of technology, convenience, easy maintenance, and student interaction, everything in just one package. Here, the […]

Know About STEM Education Importance

Stem Education is important and our world depends on it. Our economy today is dependent on science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM focuses on teaching real-life skills and subjects. Through STEM education, students can in a way go beyond the classroom and learn facts, and methods of thinking that they can use to solve real-world […]

Use of Child Psychology in Education

Schools are your kid’s training ground that can shape them into individuals we want them to become. Creating a positive school environment and giving learning experiences are important to help create a sense of preparedness for personal aspirations along with developing risk-taking behaviors. Child psychology might appear like a simple word but isn’t. It has […]

Know About Significance of Celebrating Festivals in Schools

India is known as the land of diversity for it is famous worldwide for different traditions, cultures, castes, and festivals. We, in India, celebrate all festivities with full pomp and show, because we understand the significance. On the other hand, kids can be made to do so, and become an important part of festivals, only […]

Importance of Brain Storming in the Classroom

Just like watering plants to grow them, you don’t need to water your brain. Instead, you need a brainstorming session that lets all ideas shower. But what exactly is brainstorming? If we talk in terms of classroom settings, brainstorming is a freewheeling discussion setup, allowing all students to think critically about different concepts and ideas, […]

Curiosity Fuels The Learners’ Growth

When a person enters an unfamiliar space or learns about something unimaginable it’s normal to get curious. To satiate that curiosity he/she will ask questions and that is an understandable action. The kind of curiosity that lights up in you, something that forces you to ask questions is mostly shown by growing kids. To find […]

Importance Of History In The School Curriculum.

History is more than just dates, names, and locations. History can help students grasp trends and processes by helping them perceive them from a wider, more comprehensive perspective. They interact with various cultures and societies through history, developing a more comprehensive grasp of the modern world and its place within it. The teachers at Lotus […]

Skills vs Grades

To gain some understanding of this subject, let’s return to a simpler time when we studied with just one single goal in mind: to perform well on tests, earn the highest grade possible, and earn the title of “Scholar.” It was a straightforward period where people would do whatever it took to rise to the […]