Skills vs Grades

To gain some understanding of this subject, let’s return to a simpler time when we studied with just one single goal in mind: to perform well on tests, earn the highest grade possible, and earn the title of “Scholar.” It was a straightforward period where people would do whatever it took to rise to the […]

Embracing Students’ Mistakes At The Best School in Ashok Vihar

Best School in Ashok Vihar

“A mistake is inevitable, and so is the growth“ Just say while painting if you spill paint on your art, then you would be left with two options, either crumple the paper and throw it away or create an unexpected masterpiece out of it. In the same way, you could either ignore your mistake and […]

Nurturing Self Expression And Creativity At The Top School In Ashok Vihar

School in Ashok Vihar

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” ~ Einstein“ Every child is born with inherent abilities that are integral to their identity. We believe in the power of creativity at Lotus Veda, International School in Ashok Vihar, and we encourage young impressionable minds to channel their creative thoughts on […]

Importance Of Reading For Kids

Importance Of Reading For Kids

 “You can find magic wherever you look.  Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!” – Dr. Seuss Books are a useful resource that provides a wealth of information, as well as insights into existence, life lessons, love, prayer, fear, and a wealth of useful advice. Books provide access to a world of […]

Tips For Improving Parent Child Communication – Lotus Veda School

Tips For Improving Parent Child Communication

Parents and children share a great amount of time together but in some cases, the bonding still lacks strength because of the lack of transparency between child and parent. In today’s section, we will discuss some tips which can help in improving the bond between child and parent.  Try To Listen To Your Kid’s Thoughts […]

Role Of Technology In Education – Lotus Veda School

Role Of Technology In Education

Technology has revolutionized every aspect of life, including interpersonal interactions, economics, the entertainment sector, and even education. Students appear to be confronted with changes that not only profoundly alter the way they learn, but also their everyday lives, today more than ever. It’s impossible to deny that modern technologies have had a profound impact on […]

Importance Of Nature Excursions For Kids – Lotus Veda School

What is nature for kids

The greatest knowledge is that which is beyond the textbooks, and one of the ways to explore that knowledge is through the aid of nature walks or nature excursions. Every parent wants their kids to be healthy in both body and mind, and that can’t happen if the kid’s mind is deeply rooted in the […]

Importance Of Mental Health Education – Lotus Veda School

Importance Of Mental Health Education

To date, “mental health” in India has been stigmatized and swept under the rug. India has one of the highest rates of suicide among school-aged children in the world, owing to the fear and stigma associated with mental health issues such as depression, parental pressure, and test anxiety. The Indian Education System is criticized for […]

Importance Of Foreign Languages In The Life Of Students

School in Ashok Vihar

As the education world is developing, the introduction of foreign languages in the curriculum is becoming mandatory. The arrival of foreign languages in the schools opens new doors for the students. Foreign languages are not only meant for improving linguistics but also help the learner in understanding the culture and customs of the country or […]

Learn And Explore Knowledge Outside The Classroom

Best school in North Delhi

Going to school daily can become quite boring for students, that’s why an outside excursion or trip becomes crucial to ensure that students get proper time to rejuvenate themselves and become active enough to carry forward their education endeavors.  The first and foremost duty of every school is to prepare the child for the outside […]