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THE EDUCATION THAT has prevailed in the past is very superficial. It only creates people who can earn their livelihood but it does not give any insight into living itself. It is not only incomplete, it is harmful too – because it is based on competition. That destroys their joys and that destroys their friendliness. It seems everybody is fighting against the whole world. The LOTUS VEDA curriculum does this through a highly child centered research based program which not only focuses but GUARANTEES the Overall development of the 21 st century children. LOTUS VEDA children ask more questions, can write in their own words, knows the math and not the arithmetic and most importantly can do their homework on their own. They are not afraid to speak-up for themselves.

The learning is not only to clear the examination but we assess the students every day, every hour, observation by the teachers; their remarks throughout the year will decide the content and the flow of the month. Nobody fails in the primary years – it is just that a few people are speedy and a few people are a little bit lazy – because the idea of failure creates a deep wound of inferiority, and the idea of being successful also creates a different kind of disease, that of superiority.