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The teacher has been of immense importance in the past, because (s)he knew (s)he had passed all the examinations, (s)he had accumulated knowledge. But the situation has changed – and this is one of the problems, that situations change but our responses remain the old ones. Now the knowledge explosion is so vast, so tremendous, so speedy, that you cannot write a big book on any scientific subject because by the time your book is complete, it will be out of date; new facts, new discoveries will have made it irrelevant. So now science has to depend on articles, on periodicals, not on books. The way education is imparted to students is utterly old-fashioned. It still depends on feeding the memory; and the more the memory is loaded, the less is the possibility of clarity and intelligence. Lotus Veda takes it as a great opportunity that students can be freed from storing all kinds of information. They can carry small TABS AND LAPTOPS which will have all the information they need at any moment. The teacher was educated thirty years earlier. In thirty years everything has changed, and (s)he goes on repeating what (s)he was taught. (S)he is out of date, and (s)he is making the students out of date. So at Lotus Veda the teacher has no place. Instead of teachers there will be guides, and the difference has to be understood: the guide will tell you where, in the library, to find the latest information on the subject.