Lotus Veda International School


Our Methodology

We at Lotus Veda, completely discard the practice of copying answers from the board. Hence, we start working on English from an early age. The students frame and write their own answers in their notebooks/ workbooks and in the worksheets. As a result, the students of this school never face the challenge of cramming information.

The curriculum follows the student centric approach and is divided into three different year group programs i.e. Early primary year group program; Primary year group program; Middle year group program.

Besides academics, the curriculum of Lotus Veda concentrates on a lot of new activities meditation which helps in relaxation of mind and soul, social programs which improve interpersonal skills.

Special Education

The school places a lot of emphasis on the education of students with learning difficulties. There is a special department consisting of qualified teachers who handle these children with a lot of care and affection. Appropriate strategies are used to cater to the teaching learning process of these students. The aim of this department is to support these students and gradually bring them into the mainstream classes.

Remedial Programs

The schools offer remedial classes during the summer vacation to support the learners who require extra support in learning the concepts, writing or revising the concepts. During these sessions, the teachers address the problems of students by reaching out to them on a one to one basis. The slow learners get an opportunity to get their queries resolved and also cover the portion of the syllabus that they missed out on. Remedial programs allow students to maintain their pace of learning according to the curriculum. Students are able to keep their knowledge up-to-date across all subjects.

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