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Our Philosophy

Laying foundation of sound character through all aspects of school life. The school aims to instil in its students true love for learning that leads to development of their intellectual, creative and moral capacities throughout their lives.

Our weekly classes

• Quality classes for Students •

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Theatre Classes

It helps the child to build their confidence and concentration. Theatre develops language and communication skills and incite children to coperate in the environment. It also helps in evolving their emotional intelligence and nurtures friendship.

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Robotics Classes

Robotic boost children problem solving, creative mentality and opens up their curiousity for the upcoming future.

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Story Telling Classes

Story telling enforces the power of listening and speaking. It evolves students emotionally and helps them to develop a positive attitude towards the learning process. It boost students attentiveness and imagination which leads to their creativity and out of the box thinking.

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Parents Testimonials

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  • 5,094
  • Parents trusted us in INDIA from 2010.

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